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latency [n][en]
1)the state of being not yet evident or active
    Synonyms :latência latencia 延迟 латентность 지연 待ち時間 latenza latenz latence 
    See Also: potency 
2)the time that elapses between a stimulus and the response to it
    Synonyms :latent_period reaction_time response_time latência período_de_latência tempo_de_reação tempo_de_resposta latencia 延迟 período_de_latencia 潜伏期 латентность латентный_период tiempo_de_reacción tiempo_de_respuesta время_реакции время_отклика 反应时间 响应时间 지연 潜伏期間 待ち時間 反応時間 応答時間 latenza latente_periodo tempo_di_reazione tempo_di_risposta latenz latenzzeit reaktionszeit latence période_de_latence temps_de_réaction temps_de_réponse 잠복기 반응_시간 응답_시간 
    See Also: interval 
3)(computer science) the time it takes for a specific block of data on a data track to rotate around to the read/write head
    Synonyms :rotational_latency latência latência_rotacional latencia 延迟 латентность latencia_rotacional вращательной_латентности 旋转延迟 지연 待ち時間 回転待ち時間 latenza latenza_di_rotazione latenz rotationslatenz latence latence_de_rotation 회전_지연 
    See Also: interval  computer_science 

From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing: (http://www.foldoc.org/, Editor Denis Howe)

1. The time it takes for a packet to cross a network connection, from sender to receiver.

2. The period of time that a frame is held by a network device before it is forwarded.

Two of the most important parameters of a communications channel are its latency, which should be low, and its bandwidth, which should be high. Latency is particularly important for a synchronous protocol where each packet must be acknowledged before the next can be transmitted.


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